Welcome to my new blog

We have now been living in France for about three and a half years and a lot has happened in that time. I recently started writing a blog in an excercise book with the idea of savouring our experiences in France and being able to look back on them in times to come. A good friend said she would be interested in my writing and suggested I set up an online blog. After a lot of work on Len’s part …… here it is.

I should maybe explain the title. Many french restaurants kindly translate their menus into English for the sake of visitors. We enjoy looking at the translations which are sometimes rather quaint but our all-time favourite has to be ‘today-flavoured icecream’ for ‘Glaces – parfum du jour’. The title also includes the idea of flavour/savour, which is what I intend to do,savouring our life in France, one day at a time. It is along the lines of a wonderful podcast I follow called ‘One thing in a french day’.

So, here goes.

One thought on “Welcome to my new blog

  1. Oh, the funniest mis-translation we came across was for a pizza that had ‘plugs’ on

    ie. lardons (bacon bits)

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