A harvest of figs

The figs on our huge fig tree are now ripe. for the last two years we’ve had a very poor harvest because of the wet spring and maybe because I had pruned back too hard.

But this afternoon, while Philippe our gardener was busy clearing the weeds around the old farm trailer, I decided it was time to pick the figs and do something with them. I got the stepladders out of the stable and took an old umbrella to hook down the higher branches. At first glance there didn’t seem to be many, but after half an hour in the hot sun, the washing up bowl was almost full.

The figs have to be processed straight away because of fruit flies, so I washed and quartered them and checked the recipes for fig chutney and fig jam. The chutney recipe I chose seemed simple enough and soon there was a strong smell of boiling vinegar around the house. Unfortunately, after the recommended two hours of cooking, the mixture still resembled figs and sultanas floating around in vinegar – not at all the promised ‘chutney consistency’. After cooking for longer and extracting about a pint of vinegar it looked better and it tastes good. Hopefully it will keep long enough to make Christmas presents for a few favoured friends! Tomorrow I will use the rest to make fig jam.

While collecting the figs I saw what looked like a bright green bubble on one of the leaves. I realised just in time that it was some kind of tree frog. My first sighting since we arrived although we have heard the frogs calling to each other across the garden.

One thought on “A harvest of figs

  1. Hi Anne!
    This blog just had to be! and that jam is delicious by the way!

    Like your writing and Len’s photos.

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