‘More galette, President?’

part de galette des rois 2  In France, January is the month for wishing people all possible good things, especially good health. This continues all through the month, not just at the beginning.

It is also the month for eating the Galette des Rois. This is usually a brioche-type cake or a frangipane tart. It contains a little figurine and the person who finds the figurine is crowned king for the day. The tradition is linked to Epiphany on 6th January when Christians celebrate the wise men arriving to worship the Christ child.

This week we had about twenty french and english people in our lounge to eat galettes and drink fizzy wine. It was a bit of a squeeze but it was a good afternoon. The reason for this occasion wa that Len has recently been elected president of an association which aims to bring together french and anglophone people. His task is to put together a programme for the year which may include outings, speakers, meals, visits etc. Quite a task.

An interesting corollory to this is that the real President of France has a massive 1.2m galette made for him every year and he shares it with those who work in the government. Apart from being so big the galette is different in another way, there is no figurine in it. It wouldn’t do for someone to be elected king in the heart of the Republic of France!

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