Barn dance, french style

folk_dancers_in_group_01[1]    We know a very talented young couple who between them play the violin, flute, tin whistle and cornemuse, a kind of Breton bagpipes. They play in a band for what is called a Folk Ball. (The label ‘Country dancing’ can’t be used because that is the name given to cowboy line dancing.) I have been wanting to go for some time and yesterday, on a  wet January evening, Len agreed to come with me.

There was a very warm welcome and everyone seemed very friendly. Some people had obviously been dancing for years and danced well but there were plenty like us who needed to have all the steps explained. There were couple, group and circle dances. On the whole the dances seemed to be simpler than what we had experienced in England but that was probably for the best as an introduction.  The non-stop dancing went on from 9pm to midnight.

Today I am finding it difficult to move! My legs from the knees down are not functioning as usual and I fear it could be worse tomorrow. It was good fun though.

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