Winter draws (drawers) on

On Friday, Len and I carried a metric tonne between us. It’s the time of year when everyone’s thoughts turn to stocking up with wood for the winter – not that it’s cold at the moment, the hot days are blissfully continuing.  We have a stove in the entree that runs on wood pellets and the local SuperU has a special offer on at the moment, €3.85 per 15kg bag instead of €4.25 or more that most shops are charging. However, the offer only stands if you buy a whole pallet of one tonne. ‘Do you deliver?’ ‘No we don’t.’

So a warm afternoon saw us driving to SuperU with the trailor attached to the car, loading 500kg of pellets into the trailer, driving home and unloading them into a pigsty, then repeating the process. We even managed to persuade the shop worker to let us have some broken bags of pallets for nothing, so all in all it was a very good buy, if a little exhausting.

Oh, and the draws/drawers is an old family play on words, drawers being knickerbockers which go down to the knee, much beloved by my father. They would hang on a drying rack in the kitchen for all the world to admire.

One thought on “Winter draws (drawers) on

  1. Well that explains it – no wonder Len was tired this morning! At least you’ll be feeling the benefits of your superhuman exploits in a couple of month’s time!

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